Walla Walla Community College

Warrior Recognition

Avery Klein. Her plans after the Nursing program are to become a traveling nurse. Avery chose to be a Warrior because she has loved volleyball ever since she started in sixth grade. WWCC is in my hometown, but she stuck with it because they have become like my family. Her greatest memory is running the 8-minute mile, not the running part, but the team running alongside of her and encouraging her to push through the last corner. She would like to thank her dad and mom who pushed her to play and continue with volleyball. Her dad reminds her not to be hesitant, to remember why she started playing and all the hard work that she has put in. She is also thankful for Chelsie Speer: Avery was late to the season and Chelsie could have told her to try again next year but she gave her a chance and she has loved every bit of it.


Haley Bainter. After WWCC she plans to transfer to Central Washington University to continue working towards her Elementary Education degree. Haley chose to play for the WWCC volleyball program for multiple reasons, but this team and the coaches are what made her decision. Chelsie gave me this amazing opportunity and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done. Her greatest memories have been traveling with the team. With all the conversations, sing-alongs, and all of us enjoying each other’s company.  Haley would like to thank every girl on this team and the other WWCC sports teams and coaches, above all thank you Chelsie, Alexa, and Kinley.


Eden Schilder. After WWCC she plans to continue her education at a 4 year university to pursue a career in dental Hygiene. Eden chose this program to play for an amazing coach and teammates that would help her grow into a better person on and off the court. Her favorite memory from this season is her reaction to Marci spiking the ball to end Gate drill. Eden would like to thank her family, teammates, and coaches for their constant support, encouragement, and love that they have given her this season.


Sydney Wilson. After WWCC she plans to transfer to a 4 year to play volleyball and complete a bachelors in nursing. Sydney chose to play for this program because of Chelsie Speer. She knew she was an amazing coach and she wanted to play for her. Her favorite memory is being on the road at Edmonds and stealing all the blankets from Eden in the night. Sydney would like to thank her family, friends, teammates, and especially her coaches for being her biggest supporters.


Maizy Giles. Her plans after WWCC are to continue her education and volleyball career. Maizy chose this program because Chelsie’s philosophy and the things she values for this team is undeniably the best there is. Chelsie is why Maizy decided to come here. Everything she stands for and teaches the players goes beyond coaching. Her greatest memory from this season has been all the jokes at practice and roasting Alexa every day. Our team is no doubt the funniest team; there is never a dull moment around us. Maizy would like to thank her family, her teammates, and the coaching staff, especially Chelsie. Without Chelsie, she would not be here and she would not have met 13 of her best friends. “Thank you so much for this opportunity.”



Haley Shaw. She plans to continue her education and playing career after WWCC. Haley chose this program because of the amazing image Chelsie has built for herself; I never heard anything that was not positive. Her greatest memory is always traveling with the team and creating that initial bond at the beginning of the season. Haley would like to thank her parents for getting her to the point of living on her own. “Thank you to Chelsie, Alexa, and Rylie for getting her to where she is at this year!”


Gracie Dines. Her plans after WWCC are to attend a 4 year and major in speech pathology. Gracie chose to play in this program because of Chelsie’s philosophy and her strong belief in her faith. Her greatest memory is seeing how the team has remained united and supportive of each other on and off the court the past two seasons. Gracie would like to thank Chelsie Speer, the coaching staff, the athletic department, her parents, and grandparents for all their support.


Brooklynn Dribnak. Her plans after WWCC are to continue her education at Utah State University. Brooklynn chose to play here at WWCC because of Chelsie, her coaching philosophy and her beliefs and faith. Chelsie has taught her much more than volleyball while playing under her.  Brooklynn has so many incredible memories to choose from this season. She has gained her best friends here and the unity we have been able to maintain during these insane circumstances has been one memory she will always remember. She would like to thank the Speer family, the volleyball coaching staff, McKinley Rennison, WWCC athletic department, and most of all her family for helping her reach her fullest potential.


Taiylor Bybee. Her plans after CC are to go to BYUI and get her bachelor’s degree in social work and her masters in Occupational Therapy. Taiylor chose to play at WWCC because she loved the team, coaches, and the environment of this school. I felt that this would be the best place for me to further my skills. Her favorite memory from this season was winning the Walla Walla Crossover tournament. Taiylor would like to thank her parents, family, and her friends for supporting her thru everything and for always giving her advice. She would like to thank all of her coaches, especially Coach Speer for always being there for her and for teaching her so much. Lastly thank you to McKinley, our athletic trainer for always taking care of her. Love you all!


Our final four players have been in this program for 3 years. They are the definition of loyalty, commitment, and some of the greatest leaders to have ever impacted this program.


Marci Clayton. She plans to move to Meridian Idaho and continue nursing school at Boise State. Marci chose to play for this program because she fell in love with the coaching staff and atmosphere they created. She knew she would be challenged and this program would teach her many life lessons. Her greatest memory is from her freshman year at the Halloween practice. All the players dressed as nerds and the coaches dressed as gangsters. Marci would like to thank her mom and Brett for making it to every game.  Her husband for being so supportive. Massive thank you to Alexa Lindgren, Mark and, my guy Rylie Engelson. Thank you to Chelsie for being way more than just a coach.


Hayley Bretz.  She plans to continue playing volleyball at a four-year college and study Education. Hayley chose to play in this volleyball program because of how close it was to home and because she felt at home when she came on her visit. Chelsie made her feel so welcome, as soon as she walked into Chelsie’s office, Hayley knew she wanted to go here and nowhere else. She is so incredibly happy with the decision she made three years ago. Hayley’s greatest memory from this season would have to be when her, Maizy, and Brooke were driving around town with the windows down and singing/screaming at the top of our lungs into the carpool karaoke microphone at 10 pm. “Let me just say the other cars in the taco bell drive thru were very impressed with us”. Hayley would like to thank her parents and grandparents for their support over the years and making sure to watch every single game, even online. She would also like to thank her coaches from the last three years, Chelsie and Alexa, for everything they have done for her. They have helped shape her into the volleyball player and woman she is today. Her love and passion for volleyball grew over these last three seasons and it would not have if those two were not on the sideline coaching. She also wants to thank Rylie for coming this season and being an amazing coach. Next, she wants to thank her friends for being her biggest supporters and having her back through this last year, “you guys are the BEST!” Lastly, she wants to thank her teammates: “I love you all so much and I thank you all for putting a smile on my face every day and putting up with my craziness! I am grateful for everyone and all I have to say is GO WARRIORS!”


Mollie Doyle. Her plans are to move back home and go to school at WSU Vancouver and study education. She is also applying for the Disney College program this winter, hoping to work at Disney World in the fall of 2022. Mollie came on her second visit here back in 2018 and she immediately knew this is where she needed to be. Chelsie has created a program here at Walla Walla that is not just about volleyball, it is about creating a family environment, which is evident here tonight. Mollie’s greatest memory this season has been nothing but a true test of people’s character and resilience. This past week might have been the hardest week, but also the best week. She has seen nothing but support not just from families, but from other athletes here on campus. This has brought all 13 girls closer together and they have made a bond that will never be broken. With everyone coming together this last week, it has deepened her connection with every single teammate and this is what she is most grateful. Mollie would like to thank her family for being such a rock for her these past 3 years. She did not realize how hard it was going to be to move away from home. “Alexa, thank you for always saying the right words at the right time. I can always count on you to be there for me. Chelsie, there are not enough thank yous in the world. You have been the best coach I have ever had in my volleyball career. You are not only a coach, but also a second mom. I would not be the volleyball player or woman I am today without you. You are the true meaning of a warrior. Rylie, thank you for stepping into a position that you did not expect to be in. I could not think of anyone better to fill this role other than you.

Next, a thank you to my teammates for making me unbelievably proud to call you guys my best friends. We have gone through so many ups and down, but we always find a way to keep fighting. You girls have truly bought into this program. Lastly, I want to thank the warrior family. These past three years I have met the best people in my life. You all have truly become my family and will always hold a special place in my heart. When people say, if you want a true heartbreak, go to a community college that is nothing but the truth. Love you all. Once a warrior, always a warrior!”


Olivia Tolman.  She plans to go to BYU Idaho and get her RN nursing degree. Olivia chose to play for this program because she felt at home here. She also loved Chelsie’s philosophy and the way she runs her program. Her greatest memory from this season was when we traveled to Bellevue for our preseason tournament. Getting to spend all weekend with this team and our coaching staff was one of her favorite weekends ever. Olivia would like to thank her parents for always supporting her in everything she does. She wants to thank Alexa for always being willing to help the team with anything and always being our biggest supporter. She wants to thank Kinley for everything that she does for the athletic program and for her willingness to help anyone who needs it. Lastly, she would like to thank Chelsie for everything she has taught her and all the lessons she has learned from her.


From the coaching staff– Thank you sophomores for your H.E.A.R.T., ability to demand excellence from yourself and teammates, your grit and desire to persevere through a challenging journey, and for representing this program with pride and class. You have ALL shown tremendous growth as volleyball players, but most importantly, as people. We also thank you for so many great laughs and memories. You have left your mark, we are forever grateful for you all and we love you. The best is yet to come!

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